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Want Your Very Own Adult Website? Do you love getting naked in front of people? Does it turn you on to know that you'd be turning on hundreds of men and women? Would you like the world to know how totally hot you are? Have you thought about having your own sexy website, but didn't know how to begin?

We're looking for women and couples just like you. People who love their swinging lifestyle and want to show off to the world while making some money and having a great time doing it.

We can build, host and promote website. All you have to do is provide us the pictures of you doing what you love to do. For those of you that are concerned about your privacy we have recently built a script that allows us to block people from specific cities, states, or even countries from viewing your adult website.

About Us

WJ Webdesigns was founded by Wayne and Jean from JeanSwing.com in 1999. It is now visited by millions of people each year and has thousands of members. We currently have 5 people on staff with various talents.

Getting Started

1. Before we agree to build your site we must see a couple sample galleries. Take approximately 25 pictures of you in a variety of poses. This includes full body and closeups of your face, private parts, etc. and email them to webmaster@amateurprofiling.com

2. Write a brief bio about yourself and what we can expect to see in your pictures and videos (anal, group sex, interracial, etc.)

What's Required From You

1. You must be willing to do two live camshows a week. This requires you to have a live camera connected to our cam system while chatting with members via a chat room. They will be able to see you and hear you but will only be able to type to you.

2. Promptly respond to your email, and message boad. Interaction with the members is what keeps them around.

3. Provide atleast one usable update per week. A usable update is a series of themed pictures with a finish (usually cum shot) or 5 minutes of usable video with a finish.

4. You must have your own equipment. A digital camera that can take pictures atleast 1024 x 768 in size, a digita camcorder to record video, and a computer so you can answer emails and do cam shows.

How You Get Paid

Most of our websites are created on a commission base. If you don't make anything then we don't make anything. We will provide the webhosting, take care of domain registration, and anything else required to operate your site. You must provide us with photo and video content, and be willing to perform 2 live cam show a week.

If you are not able to do camshows we may be interested in purchasing your pictures and video. At this point we would not be responsible for paying a commission based on the sites revenue. Your pictures and video may be used to build a new site / tour or to supplement content in one of our existing sites.

How much money can we expect to make in our first year?

Of course a lot of that depends on you. If you are really popular, doing camshows, responding to fan mail, and look good you most likely do very well with the right promotion. We do not like to promise figures, but we can tell you our best sites bring in between $15k - $18k a month. Our slowest sites bring in aproximately $1000 a month.

What do I need to provide?

Content. You need to have a decent quality digital camera.

To get started you would need atleast 1500 or more high quality pictures, 3 - 5 hours of videos to make video files with and a computer with an attached camera to do live cam shows with. Live camshows are a must anymore to be a successful site.

Do I have to sign a contract or anything.

Yes (on commission based sites only), lets face it, it takes a lot of time to build a website that is going to make you and me money. A contract protects both of our interests. If you decide you want us to build you a website we will require you to sign a 12 month contract. This contract will basicly state our payment agreement and what is expected from both of us. We will provide you a copy of the contract for your review once we agree to do your site.

How long will it take to build my site

Much of this depend on how long you take to get us the necessary content to start. Once we have the required amount of pictures and video we can have you site complete in approximately 2 - 4 weeks.

Our Sites

On the left hand side of this page, you'll find links to some of our more well known sites. Just click on the images for see the tours. We will design a site for you as well as look after promoting your site. It couldn't be any easier.

Contact Us

Please drop us a line with any questiuons about bringing your dreams of your own website to life!

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