Well, this sounds like a good enough place to fill you in a little about us. We met in 1995, Bruce just got out of the military and we were actually on a Bowling league together (long story) We pretty much hit it off right away and were dating shortly after that.

One night after we made love, we were talking about my ex boyfriends and Bruce's ex girlfriends. I had a boyfriend who wanted to try swinging, but when the time came he got jealous. Bruce honestly had no idea that couples experimented with sex this way, and it turned him on.

Just a few short months later Bruce had a college buddy come out to the local bars with us. About half way through the night he asked his buddy if he wanted to fuck me. The guy about droped dead. At first he said "no way dude, I would never do that to you" Bruce replied, "well that's too bad as Anna wants to fuck you, and I want to have her give me a blow job while you two fuck." Bruce's buddy did a 180, and the next thing I knew we were back at Bruce's apartment having a 3some with his buddy. At that time it was the most wild and erotic thing I had ever done.

Shortly after that we started swinging with couples and quickly made a lot of great friends in this lifestyle. We have enjoyed every minute of it and have never looked back. We started this site as a way to meet other people to become friends and of course to get the chance to have great sex with new people. If you are interested in meeting us, drop us a line and perhaps we can get together sometime :)

Other than having great sex with friends, we enjoy working out, spending time with our dogs, watching movies, and reading. We love eating out, and going to bars, or dance clubs, we love to travel & meet new people. We try to get out of Kansas as much as we can during the winter months!

We have documented a great deal of the last 7 years of our swinging adventures. To find out more about us, we have written several articles inside my site covering several different issues, as well as all the photos, and video inside where you can get a glimpse into our real lives :)


~ Anna