Hi, I'm Jean. My hubby Wayne put my site together for me back in 1999. I was completely new to all this web stuff. I used to lead a pretty typical life. I had an office job... in by 9 out by 5. The boss didn't know anything about this. :) Most of my friends and neighbors think I'm a pretty innocent little girl...hehehe... little do they know.

Wayne and I have been into swinging with other guys, girls, and couples for several years now. The first time I ever had sex it was with another girl. I was very young when I had my first boy. He was older and had a big cock. I can remember that day clearly. I was so excited and felt so naughty. I realize now his cock was much bigger than most, but I didn't know it then. When he put that thing in me it felt like it was ripping me apart, but yet it felt so good. I was sore for days afterwards.

I get asked a lot about what made me want to do a website. About 6 months after Wayne and I met we started confiding in each other about our sexual fantasies. I told Wayne about me having sex with another girl. I also told him about the first guy I had sex with and how big his cock was. He told me he would love to have another guy help fill my pussy and double penetrate me.

After talking about it for a while I was so turned on thinking about Wayne and another guy taking turns on me. It made me have butterflies in my stomach like a virgin having sex for the first time.

We talked about this for a month and we definitely were eager to find another guy to help Wayne fuck me, but who would it be? I had David, one of my guy friends I had known for several years come over one night and hang out with us.

I got David a little drunk and started molesting him right in front of Wayne. He was a little nervous at first because he wasn't sure what Wayne would think. David was sitting in a kitchen chair and I straddled his lap. I leaned over slowly and started biting his neck as I ground my hips back and forth on him. I could feel his cock getting harder. Wayne sat across from us and watched our every move.

That night was probably the most sexual fun I ever had. Wayne and David took turns repeatedly fucking my pussy. I can't even remember how many loads of cum I took in my ass and pussy as they used me like some tramp... <smile> but I loved every minute of it.

Every since that night with David Wayne and I were looking for new guys to fuck me. There weren't any decent swing clubs in our area and we didn't know exactly where to find poeple, but then we found the internet.

We started off on AOL back in 1994 looking for some new studs to fill me full of cum. We arranged meetings with several guys on there. Each would have their turn shooting their hot load of cum inside me. I would get so excited bringing these guys back to our place and fucking them :) Thanks Adam for helping Wayne with my first double pussy penetration ;)

After getting some very good responses from our photos and many requests to meet we decided to do this website. I've had so much fun and have meet many hot men, women, and couples.

Love Jean x0x0